We start building our team, are you ready to join?

Hi all, I am Ahmad Abou Hashem, the man behind this website, today and for sake of more success, higher quality products and more completed old goals, I decided not to work alone anymore, I am happy to announce that I am looking for building a team of talented people to work together, and hope that you are happy too.

If you are the one who find himself skilled in some point and can do something perfect, you can feel free to apply to join the team, I am searching for people who are extremely good at something, anything, even if they are good at making pizza or creating origami, they can apply and I will review their applications, I aim to group with people who are awesome at thinking and doing but they are not successful to reach their goal, if you are one of those and you find it hard to achieve your goals, so it’s good opportunity for you to join the family of people same to you and start walking to our goals together fast and steady.

Why do you need to join a team

You can ask what is the reason to join a team while you are skilled and can do perfect stuff! the main goal of building this team is not to make things right, but to finish things right, and this is what you can’t make alone, you always need people holding your hand in the way to the finish line, and most of skilled people ended up with no any successful projects because they decided to walk alone, if you decide to do so, you will face financial troubles, make mistakes, get tired and maybe choose to quit because you don’t have the spirit of the team, and this is what I am looking for, I have some good experience in starting projects, managing projects, finishing projects and making money, and I want to use this experience to help skilled people group together and build awesome projects.

Why don’t I work alone

Over the last few years I had many plans of projects which can change a part of the world, not all of them, but probably some of them or one of them can make the change if it has been well made, the problem is that all of them still on papers hidden into my note app and desktop agenda, and because I am human and have no more leg or hand I need more than 15 years to finish all of them, here I decided to build my team from skilled people I trust, people who have amazing skills, and abilities but they still don’t know how and where to go, so we can create these projects together in less time, better way and many other projects can come in our way.

Recruiting phases

First you need to know that if you found yourself capable and applied to join the team, this doesn’t mean that you will be in the team, I will check all profiles I receive and decide who will join based on many factors, and I will go through 2 phases, so maybe you don’t receive any replies in the first phase because you don’t meet the requirements but I can contact you in the second phase.

– 1st phase

In first phase I will approve 5-10 people from the applicants I see they are the best for perfect start, not necessary they are better than others, but they are only better to start with them so we can later accept more people, they will receive all the pain and stress of the kickoff, drawing the map, planing the target and the way to the target, finding a good place to work, build our office, facing funding troubles, and arrange the move to the next phase of recruiting. and we decide who will join the team later, in this phase I only accept people who have skills in specific fields:

  • PHP & ROR Programming
  • WordPress Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Server System Administration & AWS
  • Web Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Marketing
  •  Video Production
  • Financial & Business Law

– 2nd phase

Though in 1st phase we obviously focus on fields related to computer & internet but it’s not our plan to continue as an IT company, we will participate in projects in different fields if we see that we play well in this field, but I can’t write any rules or terms for the 2nd phase now, because this should be arranged with people approved from the 1st phase.

What kind of projects we will work on

After finish the phase one of recruiting we will start hard working on several web based projects, all projects will be discussed with the team and all members should agree about them, first, we start by small projects we can finish with less effort and can help us to earn money in short time, because money is important for us to walk to the end of the way. then we will start working on more great ideas with long term goals, we will work only on the idea and the value of the project without the need for fast coming money, these projects not necessary web based projects, they can be any kind of projects, creating new tech product, new machine or starting a charity organization, any idea is welcomed if the leading team agrees about it, all ideas should be studied and approved by the team and all of us are co-founders of any future projects.

Team Rules

Before deciding to send your application you need to know the rules you need to respect if you selected to join the team

  • Don’t wait for money – We are doing projects for value and for money, but we don’t know exactly when will the money come to our wallets.
  • Forget about regional restrictions – We Don’t say our country environment is not good for work, just keep working.
  • We are working indefinitely – We don’t know when will we take rest.
  • We are co-founders.
  • Don’t leave the family – we will work together until we finish all the goals.
  • Having fun is as important as working hard.
  • Only do it if it’s legal.
  • Pay for it even if you can get it free – Respect others copyrights
  • Play sport, take a shower, chew a gum before you go to work – We need fresh engines.
  • We don’t follow any rules except the rules above.

Apply for joining Ahmad Works Team

We accept applications from any place in the world, but in the 1st phase we will only approve first 5 – 10 persons from Egypt because most of meetings will take place in Ismaillia or Cairo, and later we will review applications again and start approving people from other countries to work remotely, If you are willing to join the family you can submit your application here to tell us more about you, and please be aware that all points in the application are important for my decision.

Why sending your photo is important?

During filling the application you will be asked to upload a photo of you, actually your look and shape doesn’t matter, only your skills, I don’t care about your look when you join the team, I only focus on what will you add to the team, But because eyes tell much more than any keyboard, looking to your image I can guess more about your personality, I can imagine how smart are you, and what level of self confidence you have.

Apply to Join Ahmad Works Team