Create Your Business Site Using Sanabel WordPress Theme

Create Your Business Site Using Sanabel WordPress Theme

Building a wesbsite has never been easy for business owners like today, many thanks to ready CMS frameworks which made everything easy for anyone with minimum experience to create a professional website not in hours, but in minutes, and when we talk about CMS frameworks, personally I go with WordPress, over the years of using WordPress as blogging platform and CMS it has been doing the job very well according to it’s amazing stability and functionality, the availability of plugins and themes which can be used to customize your website as you imagine.

Now I will introduce you to WordPress and lead you by the end of this topic to create your own website using WordPress and my premium theme “Sanabel WordPress Theme“, of course you can use any WordPress theme you like but I only give you Sanabel as an example to premium and powerful theme which can be used to create any design in your mind.

1. What is WordPress

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First of all you need to know what is WordPress and why it’s so powerful in creating websites. At first WordPress was introduced at 2003 as an open source PHP platform for creating blog website, you can download it for free, put it on your server, start installing it using your personal information, and you will see your personal blog just in seconds and you can use it to write blog posts, later and due to it’s popularity and good functionality, it changed to become a complete CMS which means that you not only can use it to create a simple personal or company blog, but you can go beyond this to create a complete complicated website which is full of features, pages and different layouts.

2. What’s do you need to create WordPress site

To create any website you first need a Domain name, it’s the URL which people can write to reach your site, like, to get a domain name first you need to search for available name which has not been purchased by anyone else so you can purchase it, it will cost you about $10 per year to get your domain name, there is many different websites you can search and purchase domain names from but personally I like working with and this is company I get all my domain names from.

After you own the domain name, you will need a server so you can put website files on and have your domain linking to them, servers now are easy to get and run, you can find many great companies offering good hosting plans which you can choose from, and personally I love Digital Ocean and I recommend them to any one who wants to order a server for website, I host all my websites with them and they are great in cloud hosting and has a friendly support team, but the bad thing that they only provide unmanaged servers which means that you need have a good experience to configure and setup your server, so it’s not recommended for people who are new in this field and just started knowing about hosting, if you are this kind of beginner so my advice to you is to search Google about managed shared hosts, and you will find plenty of results to great companies offer this king of hosts, and you want to host your website without get yourself involved in the headache and troubles of server you can feel free to contact me to ask for help. – See My Services for more details.

Now, after you get your server you need to download the latest WordPress Version and upload it to your server and start installing process, you can also refer to the list of My Services to see how can I help you if you can’t do this steps your self.

3. How to create design for my website

Once you get your WordPress site ready to use you will find yourself with a plain simple website with the default theme installed, it’s not the final results, now you should work on the design part, and fortunately you don’t need to have any web design skills to create a good design, you will find a plenty of free and premium themes in various marketplaces over the internet, you can search the template which fits your needs, download it and install on your WordPress site, so the design will be ready for use, just waiting for you to add your own content and data, one of the most popular Marketplaces which sells premium themes is Themeforest, you can visit my portfolio to see some of my premium themes, you can also find many others great designers in the market with portfolios full of premium templates to choose from.

4. Using Sanabel WordPress Theme

Sanabel is premium multi-purpose WordPress theme developed by me and available for purchase on Themeforest, you can choose it to create many different designs, it comes with 10+ ready styles you can choose from and create a website similar to them. this website also is created using WordPress and Sanabel theme. – You can see here real live websites using Sanabel WordPress theme.

After you install it on your site, you will get an advanced theme options with hundreds options to customize the templated, you can upload your own logo, set your preferred settings, and start adding your pages with simple steps, or you can choose one from ready demos included with the theme, with one click only you can import all settings and content from the demo you like, so you can understand how pages was built, then you replace the meaningless content with your own real content, all steps are easy and user friendly, and provided with detailed documentations to lead you to get the most from Sanabel and build your amazing professional website without difficulties, and if you facing any issue going through these steps, you can contact me to get my help, and you can have a look over the services I provide to see how can I offer help to you.

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